5 to Try, Acrylic Revisited…

Well, we wrapped up our Acrylic series last night in my Sample Media art class at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, and for this little artist, it was all about detail – make that ATTEMPTING detail. Last week, I built the base of my acrylic work – an interior shot of the Marlins’ baseball field based on a photograph taken years earlier. So tonight, I would attempt to add those little details that would hopefully make it clear to the viewer just what they were looking at… steps and a handrail in the aisle walkways, cup holders, people, crowds in the distance, foul lines, etc.

That was my plan.

The result?

Well, I still think it looks like something an eight-year-old could have produced, and that’s not intended to dis anybody’s eight-year-old out there, but let’s just say of the three works I’ve created so far, this one is least likely to find a spot on a wall in my house.

But, hey, that’s okay. I decided a long time ago when I first started this whole 5 to Try journey of mine that I wasn’t going to bash myself for not being good at something. If I’m trying it for the first time – okay, in this case, second time since we did have last week after all- I’m bound to be a little rocky to start. I’ve been good at very few things the first time around. (I did hit a golf ball off the tee on my very first swing at lesson number one, so that was cool, but that’s highly unusual.) Usually, like everybody else, I fall on my tookus on the first, second and sometimes even third attempts.

The rest of the ladies did quite well, I think. Bonnie came back from being off a week and let those acrylic colors fly. She didn’t seem thrilled with her work but I still think she has a great eye for color combinations.

Ellen has perfected flowers in any medium and I really like her attention to detail.

Beth wrapped up last week’s flower acrylic at left and worked up a second piece. She too did a nice job with detail and texture, I thought.

But I have to give the award for coolest work of the week to Jennie. She started replicating another artist’s work last week and continued that painting this week, and wow, was she impressive capturing the nuances of the shades, textures and spark of the painting. I really like it.

Next week, our class begins the final two-weeks of art exploration – the land of watercolors. And already I’m petrified, but in an exciting, I-dare-ya-to-freak-me-further way. You see, in the explanation of watercolors and their degree of difficulty, our awesome teacher Gainor Roberts, laid out what we can expect – a little bit of the process, the order of things, some pitfalls and things we have been used to with oil or acrylic that don’t apply, and frankly, I’m a little worried.

But again, that’s okay. Because if it weren’t scary, this wouldn’t be a journey, would it? Speaking of scary, look at this palette. Would you want to work with me? I know I wouldn’t. Geez, how do I even get one color on my brush? Unbelievable.

So we’ll see what bizarre results I have for you next week after my first dive into the wacky world of watercolors. Will I love it? Will I loathe it? Will I leave looking like an oompa loompa? Who knows…but no doubt, as with the past four weeks, I’ll have a ball finding out with my fellow explorers.

Now I have a challenge for you. You’ve been reading about my adventures so far and I’ve even shared my work along the way (something that for me is the hardest part of the process – putting myself out there when I know full-well it’s not something I excel at…as you get to know me, you’ll know I really don’t like to do this…) Think about your own life right now – what could you do to step outside your everyday and learn something or try something that you’ve always wanted to know about but either haven’t found the time or courage to investigate?

Consider this the PUSH you need to forge ahead. I’m that pain in the arse voice whispering in your ear, that hand on your back urging you forward, that little annoying muse on your shoulder (that you know you just want to flick away) nagging you with peaceful thoughts like “So what if you stink at it? It could be fun and hey, what if you turn out to be really good at it? Have you thought of that? Huh?”

If it’s on your bucket list, time’s of the essence.

If it’s on your wish list, wishes are for kids. We’re grown-ups. We don’t wish, we do. Find a way and do it! 

If it’s one of your dreams, no one else can make them happen but you. What are you waiting for?



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