A Day Worth Celebrating

A Day Worth Celebrating

Just a short note today. I wanted to thank everyone who reached out to me in replies or privately about my last blog. I learned that I’m not the only one who has been having the anxieties and blues over the past several months that I expressed in my blog. I was sad to hear about some of the challenges my friends following here have been experiencing, and please know that I appreciated your empathy and candor in your responses. I feel for you, as well and know we will all come out of this as we do every set of boulders hurtling down the mountain toward us — stronger, braver and maybe a little smarter, too.


Today is an interesting day. It always was a cherished special occasion in my family – my parents’ wedding anniversary. And this year in particular is a really big one – 50th!  It’s hard to believe that this year I am celebrating my parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary but then I remember that I’m 47 years old (gulp!) and celebrating my own 20th wedding anniversary myself later this year.


Four years ago, on this day – earlier in the morning than the time this blog posts – another life-changing event took place. I lost my very special love, my first dog Dexter. Each year, I struggled dealing with his loss and I developed a love/hate thing for June 17.


But I will say these past 2 years, our house has been filled with the antics, fun and love of my little maniac Shih Tzu Jax aka Crazy Wookie (who I must say is becoming a little less wild every day…thankfully!) You never ever completely get over any loss. But he has helped fill the crack that still existed in my heart that I honestly thought would never be filled again.



This little guy has helped me look at June 17 as a wonderful occasion to celebrate again. Not just the love of a couple and all that they built over 50 years together but now to celebrate the love and life of a very special little being who changed my life and heart forever with his presence for 12 years. Sigh. Miss you still, Dexter. But I know you’d be happy to see the joy little Jax has been able to bring into our hearts again since you left us.




So to anyone with a special occasion that has been minimized or shrouded in darkness because of some other event like the loss of a loved one or a sad or disappointing turn of events: it is so hard to do it but you cannot let the darkness eclipse what is there to be celebrated. I’m trying to do that today and I encourage anyone who might be going through something similar soon to move on and keep living for today. And not just because the Grass Roots told us, too.  *smirks*


Have a great weekend, everybody.  ~ Chris  xo


  1. Dawn M Libby

    Lovely words Chris! Our fur children offer us such unconditional love.

    • chriskuhn

      That is so true, Dawn. They teach us more about ourselves than we could ever hope to teach them. Happy you connected with this blog. Thanks for the note! 🙂 ~ Chris xo

  2. Misty

    This is beautiful, and so true Chris. I lost my brother unexpectedly right around Easter and had the same feelings you mentioned towards the day, as well as Christmas. But over the years with great family and LOs to share the day and build new memories with, I now look forward to them very much.
    Love you and thanks for blogging. I’m sure your posts help so many

    • chriskuhn

      Thanks so much for saying that! And especially for reading and sharing your own thoughts. I totally empathize about how the holidays have been difficult in the past for you because of your own loss. My parents still struggle with Christmas because of the passing of my maternal grandma on Christmas Eve over 25 years ago. It isn’t easy to reframe the holidays to both respect our loved ones’ memory and move forward and celebrate with those in our lives today, but we owe it to ourselves. I don’t know if it’s soul, psyche or peace of mind, but coming to terms with loss and moving on can feel nourishing. I’m happy that you’ve been able to do that, and I hope someone else reading my blog who may be experiencing this struggle right now might take a few moments to ponder reframing their own perspective, too. 🙂 Thanks again for the comment. ~ Chris xo

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