A Friday Thought to Chew On: A Victory on Many Levels

A Friday Thought to Chew On: A Victory on Many Levels

Earlier today, I had my topic already picked out. I knew exactly what I was going to write about, and I will still write about it over the weekend, but in light of today’s U.S. Supreme Court 5-4 decision in support of marriage equality across the United States, I felt compelled to write something else. It will be short and sweet because the decision says it all really. Today is a victory for love. Love between two consenting adults, regardless of their sexual orientation. Two adults who want to be recognized as co-pilots in this universe — financially, socially, legally. I don’t see this solely as a victory for same sex couples. I see it as a victory for all of us.

Now I know that the people who read my blog may hold a wide array of views on everything under the sun including politics, religion and social issues. And I’m certainly not looking to hop on a soapbox and tell you all of the reasons why you’re wrong for disagreeing with me. Because it’s not about that. That’s precisely the beauty of it all. We can debate all we want about it, but in the end, it’s rather pointless. A decision was formally made today, by the highest court in the land, at least here in this land of mine where I happily reside. It was a decision to recognize every person who falls in love and decides he or she might want to get married. And yes, they may fail at marriage like a lot of heterosexual couples do. But the point is that they have as much of a right as any other consenting adult to do so.

I have no other thought to chew on to send your way, because this is a tremendous thought in itself. The news is out there. I encourage you to arm yourself with the knowledge about it, so that when you discuss it over dinner or on the weekend hanging out with your friends and state your personal opinions — in agreement or opposing — that they are at the very least, educated ones. It’s all we can hope to do, isn’t it? Become smarter.

So…read it, hear it and know it. Because this is precisely why the U.S. Supreme Court is here in the first place. To weigh in on such cases that may test us, challenge all that came before and all that we’ve ever known and to serve as a reminder that we know so much more now.  And isn’t that what enlightenment is supposed to be all about? Learning more about ourselves and the world we live in, and moving forward not backward? Today’s decision isn’t about politics or religion at all. And it really isn’t about gay people, which is I’m sure how most opposed to the decision might feel. It is about human rights and ensuring that every man and woman has them, and that includes the right to marry another consenting adult of our choosing. I think maybe the greatest lesson of all is what we teach our children, that all men and women deserve equal rights and that includes their right to marry, regardless of sexual orientation. I wonder how many lives might have just been saved for future generations of gay and lesbian teens who might live in a different and I hope, more accepting world.

Yeah, I feel a bit like a gushing American.  It’s been quite the week for the U.S. We don’t always get it right, sometimes we misstep.  I know this. But today…I think we got it right. ~ Chris


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