A Friday Thought to Chew On: Adapt, Adapt, Adapt!

A Friday Thought to Chew On: Adapt, Adapt, Adapt!

Life. We have everything lined up for the next steps ahead because we know exactly what we’re going to have happen and what we need to do next. Why? Because we’ve got it all mapped out. Got my journal. Got my planner. I Google-mapped my way. I got this.


And then a little something happens to change our course — maybe it’s a new person, place or circumstance — and now, the path isn’t quite so apparent. In fact, a clear day suddenly appears foggy. Whether it’s a hiccup at work, a change in artistic direction or one of life’s boomerangs that suddenly zooms into frame and thumps us in the head, there is a lesson to be learned from it, isn’t there? And that lesson is…


We don’t know what we don’t know.


We didn’t expect to have a new member of the family influencing our lives but then suddenly we agreed to adopt a new little doggie and now decisions require us to consider this new factor.  And we’re not always equipped with the know-how to make these decisions easily, but with a little time, patience and effort invested, we owe it to ourselves and this new presence in our life to do our homework. Because it’s sad but true — we truly don’t know everything (even if we are prepared to argue that we do). We quickly learn this hard truth.


So it’s up to us to adjust our thinking to make room for these new influences in our world. In my case, much of this has to do with scheduling time. If I’m agreeing to a meet-up or appointment across town, how long will it be before I can be home to let out the dog? If we are planning a trip, what will we do with our new resident while we’re away?  What things can I possibly afford to allocate time for to make this new special being in our lives as happy, loved and cared for and yet still have time to do those things socially and professionally that I need to do to maintain a presence in my various circles?


Adapting. It doesn’t come easy for most of us. It definitely doesn’t for me. The only change I like is the kind you drop into a jukebox or pinball machine! (Kids, look it up on Wikipedia!) Each day that I grow to love this adorable little stinker over here more and more, I find myself opening up my mind (and schedule) to become more flexible out of necessity and out of care and commitment to him.



When we remind ourselves what is most important to us, adapting to the changes this new presence in our life brings doesn’t seem all that difficult. Not when we see and experience the rewards. Joy and love are some pretty awesome fringe benefits.  ~ Chris

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