A Friday Thought to Chew On:  Go All In!

A Friday Thought to Chew On: Go All In!

Sometimes we can second-guess ourselves. Even if we believe we know what we know, believe what we believe 6 days of the week or 23 hours of the day. There’s always that last one. That one day, that one hour, that one moment where we let doubt seep in and then all of the confidence, certainty and fortitude we have can go right out the window and we find ourselves a stammering little 2nd grader again, wondering if our “string sculpture” in art class is good enough to show the teacher.


Man, I hated that class. Funny to me now since I enjoy seeing art and learning about art so much as an adult.


This won’t be a long blog. In part, because I’m getting ready to head out the door in a little bit. Heck, it won’t even be a “Friday” thought anymore because I started this on Friday but as I get ready to post, I chuckle as it is now Saturday. But this is an encouraging little nudge. Consider this a friendly poke (and not those annoying ones on Facebook). A painless shove forward for you. Wherever you might be contemplating a leap or a start— a lingering project to tackle, something new to create for you artists out there or a conversation to enter where you don’t quite know where to start. Go for it. Go all in. We’ll never get to the other side of our wondering unless we wander over and take those first steps.


Recently, after some hemming and hawing on my part, I did the same. Embraced that fact, that what I needed to work on was simply what I needed to work on, and that was that! The moment I did, I found that the time I didn’t have to work on it was suddenly available — I just had to look a little harder to find it. The inspiration that seemed to elude me was now right there before me. I had gotten in the way of my own progress by not being committed to it. Well, I am committed to it now. In my case, it’s my next book. In yours, it may be a house project you’ve been avoiding (I’ve got one of those, too…) or a new strategy you’ve been contemplating launching for your business. Gather the facts, certainly be smart about it, but get everything in place and then DO IT! But not half-ass. Nope. All the way. Make it happen by being completely behind it yourself. If you don’t believe in it wholeheartedly, you cannot expect others to believe in it, can you?


I have a car to pack. Heading to one of four of my sites I spotlight in stories for my upcoming book, and this is the mini-road trip I talk about in another recent blog because it involves a journey home to a place where I have both good and bad memories but which now will provide a two positive ones — a landing place for my previous book and inspiration for my new one. I can’t wait to take some photos for the new anthology and meet a great new home for THE MUSE UNLOCKED and later this year, OUR SEASONS, and I hope many more titles to come as we build a partnership. (And I’ll tell you all about that on Monday!) More than anything, I’m excited about going out there today and continuing to put this creativity into action, turning ideas into tangible art.  I’m definitely all in and it’s both a scary and exciting place to be!


Hope to see you in that scary and exciting place, too! Make it a fantastic weekend…  ~ Chris

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