A Friday Thought to Chew On: Peace on Earth…or At Least in My Mind

A Friday Thought to Chew On: Peace on Earth…or At Least in My Mind

Welcome to Friday, and for some, a long weekend. I happen to be one of the lucky lot who scored an “official” day off at my daytime gig. I’m still not used to having any “official” holidays since I’ve been a freelancer for so long and in the entrepreneurial world, holidays are just another day you don’t get paid unless an invoice leaves your desk.

But today — for those who celebrate — it was Good Friday. For me, it was simply a VERY GOOD Friday because it was the first time in a long time that I didn’t do work of any kind. For my regular job, for my freelance writing clients or even for me. I simply… got lost in a day of no deadlines, no commitments, no pressures. And may I tell you… it was FLIPPING wonderful!

If you read last week’s Friday Thought to Chew On, you know I’ve been a little stressed out. Okay, that’s probably understating it a bit.  So when I looked ahead on the calendar and discovered that the next 10 days would be a relatively quiet and relaxing timeframe, I couldn’t wait for that day to get here!  I nearly bounced off the walls in joy and anticipation. I know that some of you out there can relate, I’m sure.

Just as I discussed last week that we all have different strategies to cope with stress, we all have different ways to come down from it afterward. The post-breakdown period. For me, it’s getting lost in stories — of any kind. Reading, binge-watching of TV shows I’ve neglected, movie marathons… you name it! I want to put aside my own “stories” in my life, personal challenges or stressful situations and just dwell on someone else’s. And that’s precisely what I did today. Got lost in season 4 of HOUSE OF LIES (great show!) and later tonight I will dive back into a wonderful book I’ve been reading on Kindle (Winging IT by H.P. Oliver). What is your own preferred come-down-from-the-stress-cliff mode of fun?

Peace of mind. It is such a precious thing. And for any of you who balance a number of different jobs or a variety of responsibilities – in the home, at an outside workplace, operating your own business or nonprofit or serving as a volunteer or support to someone else — you know what I’m talking about. You become so much to so many others that you forget how to just…be. For yourself.

And that is my goal this weekend, and I urge whoever wants to join me on this continued quest for peace of mind to join me. I know we can do it. Let us make the commitment this weekend to JUST. BE.

I’ll JUST BE here… gearing up for the second half of HOUSE OF LIES with my pizza and merlot. Race ya to the pillow later for some Kindle catch-up. Mmm. *sinks into couch, smiles, sips wine*  Salud!  ~ Chris

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