A Friday Thought to Chew On: Savoring Your Starts

A Friday Thought to Chew On: Savoring Your Starts

Most of us share a hankering. We love the new. An inviting whiff of new car smell. The rich aroma and taste of a freshly opened bag of coffee just brewed. The soft, delicate scent of a cooing newborn baby in all of its rosy-cheeked splendor.

They symbolize the start of something special, something warm and wonderful. The fill-up-your-lungs-with-a-deep-inhale kind of fresh start. Beginnings are the best. Remember what it was like as a kid the week before school and gathering all of your new school supplies – your new backpack, lunchbox, pencils, folders and best of all, a new box of 64 completely untouched and pristine Crayola crayons. AAAAAH. Fantastic! I was so excited to crack open a brand new notebook. And I remember how I tried to be so darn careful the first time I would write in that notebook, being as neat as I could with my printing. Of course, eventually, I was as sloppy as ever because penmanship has never been my specialty. Some things never change either. And for those of you who have received phone messages, shopping lists or personal notes from me, you can attest to that.

There is an excitement deep inside whenever something new is about to begin — first day of school, first day on the job, taking out that person you’ve drooled over for the first time. And that brings me to the inspiration of this blog today. This couple.


Well, I’ve cropped out their identities because let’s face it, they certainly didn’t agree to appear here in my blog, so I’ll respect their privacy, but their recent celebration of wedded bliss followed by fun reception frolicking afterward inspired this blog.

I had an opportunity to attend another very special wedding last fall — my niece and her awesome now-hubby — and on both occasions, these events sparked something in me. Maybe it was nostalgia or wistfulness (there usually is some of that if I’m around) but I had a sudden longing for experiencing that unique joy that a new beginning brings, just as this newly married couple was feeling in that moment. Wedding Days are milestones when two people, regardless of age, gender, cultural background or their history so far together, share a special exuberance, exclusive only to them about the unscripted future that lay ahead — their individual dreams and goals, those they hold together, as well as those surprises (good and bad unfortunately) that show up along the way, too.

I watched the joy on the couple’s faces the same way I did last fall and for a brief moment, I think I was envious, embarrassed though I may be to admit that. That they could have that moment of anticipation of all of those things they had yet to experience together. And yeah, I guess the whole event made me feel my age and experience that evening, too, just as it had last fall. Thrilled for them and a bit introspective for me.

There is a very tired expression but it is certainly true that we never get a second chance at a first impression and that also applies to the impression life makes on us. It is so important to savor those beginnings as we experience them and not let logistics and drama and especially these days, technology, to distract us so that we take them for granted or shrug it off that we’ll experience it again later on the video we shot or the Pinterest board we made of it, because none of these mementos can ever capture the true feeling of being in that moment… as it happens… And let’s not forget that there is a high probability far, far down the road, twenty years later for instance, you may be somewhere and waxing nostalgic about that time when you too were off to embark on your own fresh start.

I have a challenge for you. Whatever you are embarking on this weekend — a new project, a new hobby or heck, maybe a new marriage! — take your time and put aside the phone or the tablet or whatever gadget you’re attached to and truly savor the moment, every sound, every sight, every smell, every interaction. You have a lifetime of memories awaiting their construction and there will be plenty of photos, videos and other tchotchkes to show others, but reserve the most detailed memories you can right here — in your heart and in your mind — by giving them the attention they deserve.

Drink it up…all of it. Enjoy every single drop of your next fresh start, in whatever lane it may be. Have a fantastic weekend of beginnings! ~ Chris


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