A Friday Thought to Chew On: Spring Forward

A Friday Thought to Chew On: Spring Forward

When you live in Florida, you quickly learn that there are really only three seasons here. Summer, FallWin (a hybrid of the two seasons but not really heavily marked by one season more than the other) and Early Summer. In other parts of the country or across the globe, this season can be commonly referred to as “spring.”  Hmm.

As we here begin to wipe the sweat off of our brow (already!), many of us do share one common characteristic with those in other parts of the world at this time of year. Up north, it can be commonly referred to as Spring Fever, as snowbirds grow weary of snow and stir crazy from being cooped up inside for so long. It is a yearning to go, to get moving — a desire to grow, sprout, spring into action! Heck, even our clocks can’t wait to jump ahead an hour, several weeks sooner than our good friends across the Atlantic who turn their clocks back two weekends from now.

Are you feeling that itch? I must say that while I have so many things I want to do, projects to tackle and progress to make on existing commitments for which I seem to be only inching along, I feel a bit overwhelmed.  Anybody else out there?

This isn’t unusual. Every year around this time, I get a bit anxious. And not just because it’s tax season and I’m only weeks away from becoming EVEN older. No, it has more to do with this springtime yearning to escape all of the “have-to” items that hit around this time of year and go do something crazy like… oh, I don’t know… quit working and follow a baseball team all over the country for a season. Of course I’d never do something so irresponsible and spontaneous…but deep, deep, deeeeeep down inside, there is a baseball fan in me who would very much love to do that.

You know, a long time ago, I really did work out a plan one year that would have me driving around the entire country and hitting every baseball park at least once in the same season. It was a lot more complicated a plan than you might think, due to travel time needed between markets and having to coordinate all of that travel with the team’s schedule to ensure they would be home at the same time. But it really would be possible. With an abundance of funding and time, that is.

Springtime reminds me that despite this image I’ve established in my freelance writing business or even among family and friends of being a conscientious and diligent planner, there lies a free spirit inside of me itching for adventure. It shows up sometimes but I will admit that much of the time, I stifle it.

When I’m not dreaming about cross-country baseball trekking, I think about returning to my previous experimenting with drawing and paints, or insistent vowing to go to the beach more (which you might expect a Floridian to do but which I rarely ever do).

So what does springtime inspire you to want? Here’s a thought: what if each of us actually DID one of the things we always yearn to do during this spring? Wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction for fulfilling our heart’s desires? And no, I don’t expect that I’ll be able to pack up the car in a few weeks and set off for a season-long baseball road trip, but what’s stopping me from filling up the palette and picking up a paintbrush again? Nothing. Well, nothing but myself.

Maybe we should allow springtime’s voices to earn a little spot perched on our shoulder, so they can whisper into our ear and push us to take those few steps forward to tend to that yearning. How about it? I’m up for it, are you? What could be the harm in indulging in a little of that Spring Fever, huh? Some smiles, some laughter? A little happiness, joy or love?

I dare you to try it with me. Go on. Listen closely. I think I hear some whispers. Do you?  ~ Chris


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