A Lesson in Patience

A Lesson in Patience



For those who follow me on social media, you know that we made an addition to the family this past weekend.  And it’s been an adventure. That adventure is named Jax, a 20-week-old shih Tzu.


We’ve been down that road of pet parenthood before but never with a puppy. I did some homework. I thought I was prepared for it. But I am quickly learning: you cannot be prepared for puppyhood. Not really.



We’ve had some interesting sleeping the past few nights, have learned that in fact peeing outside is not quite the instinctive process for animals of all ages as we presumed and have been introduced to new challenges and quirks. Probably the most intriguing has been Jax’s initial fear of walking through doorways on his own. (We’ve worked with him to overcome that one during the first 36 hours or so since he came into our world and now he’s charging through them like a champ!)


I was worried that I would not have the same energy and patience I did when we adopted our first dog, and since this poochie requires even more since he knows much less from the start, I was a little wary about taking on the challenge. But already I’m reminded of the beautiful bond between a pet and its “parent.” What I’m learning more than anything is how much I missed that bond.This little guy is a treasure — separation anxiety, bathroom challenges, chewing, and all. When our son and daughter-in-law offered us the opportunity to adopt Jax, they gave us the greatest gift anyone has ever given us: a chance to love again.



I look forward to the lessons ahead. For Jax and for me.  ~ Chris






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