A Marvel-ous Idea for Movie Fans

A Marvel-ous Idea for Movie Fans

When the date was announced for AVENGERS: ENDGAME‘s arrival, there were articles a-plenty about people taking a nostalgic look back at all of the films of the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU)  by watching them again but this time according to the chronology of the film’s event and not necessarily in the order of their release. But it was only when I found the following article did I appreciate the writer’s consideration of the TV shows related to the MCU, too. So I wanted to share with any fellow MCU/movie fans.


What order should you watch every Marvel movie and TV show? (pocket-lint.com)






Now that I’ve already seen the conclusion (and shared my review in this week’s #MovieMondays blog), I am considering the challenge myself and going back to watch everything from the beginning but in the order suggested.


If you decide to embark on the cinematic challenge, too, after seeing the final AVENGERS movie, let me know how it goes, okay? I am curious to hear how perceptions have changed, if at all, about some of those earlier films.


As always, thanks for reading! ~ C. Kuhn

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