A Writer’s Point of No Return

A Writer’s Point of No Return

I think I’ve reached it.

That point in the writing process where there’s no turning back now, only the grand finale looming in the distance, and a lot of clean-up in aisle five behind me.

I’m also finding as a writer working on her first novel that no matter how much I try to gather all of the facts to paint authentic settings and scenarios, characters you really could meet and arm them with words and actions you not only believe but embrace and remember, it never truly feels FINISHED.

I’m reaching out to people to help me better understand different professions my characters embody and help me better visualize the environments before I paint them. The “experts” I’ve spoken with have been so unbelievably tremendous — giving, gracious and generous. And I’m sure plenty more positive “G” adjectives! But as I see just the faint, blurry image of a book ending still FAR AWAY (read: a few months) over the steamy desert sand — or maybe that’s a young, hunky Omar Sharif and a camel —


And no, I promise you… no desert scenes in my book. On the other hand, this does a better job representing some of the scenes from my book.


Anyway, I’ve come to one conclusion…

This is some tough shit.

The closure freak in me is trying to cope with the day-to-day unfinished nature of this line of work, and it’s not easy. I don’t know how my hubby lives with me. I feel like I’m walking through a daze sometimes. I get my client assignments done but I do little else, because I keep thinking I must get back to the PC (yes, I’m from the stone age and still have one of those). I must get back and finish this baby…toot sweet!

I’d especially love to hear from any other authors out there reading this, and anyone else who might want to chime in. How did you keep your shit together when you were in that final lap or two? And how did you stop yourself from going back and tearing apart pages and chapters to “fix them” in the hopes of making something hopelessly, necessarily imperfect “perfect?” I welcome your insight and positive vibes.

In the meantime, I’ll return to one delectable Mr. Oliver Sand and one spirited Ms. Cate Mullen and see what their lives are up to next…

Happy reading!



  1. Jo-Ann Chelini

    Hang in there Chris! I’m with you all the way, and delighted that you are actually to the point where the end is in sight. Eyes forward…

    • Chris Kuhn

      Thanks so much, Jo-Ann! I certainly appreciate the support. It is all very exciting and scary, but I cannot wait to see where the road leads. Eyes forward, okay, got it! 😉 ck

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