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Chris Kuhn, Author

CK-shot040313Since she could remember, Chris wanted to write books but never felt a pull in any specific genre. In summer 2012, all of that changed. She discovered contemporary romance and new adult fiction, swooning over the work of such authors as Sylvain Reynard and Colleen Hoover.  Inspired and determined to add a new voice to the mix, she took the leap and began telling what she hoped would be a different kind of love story. She has since openly admitted to having dreams about her characters, something she considers the mark of a bonafide author (and quite possibly, of clinical schizophrenia).

Following her debut novel THE MUSE UNLOCKED, Chris began work on the sequel but found herself drawn to the short story format. After building a short story that revolved around a local public art piece, she decided to explore this theme further and postponed the conclusion of THE MUSE SERIES to write her second book OUR SEASONS, a literary collection of short stories and poetry designed to inspire the reader to embrace the world around them. In her book, Chris urges readers to set aside distractions to take in all of the landscape including public art and the role it plays in our lives even if we may not be aware of its impact. Each short story takes place in a different Florida community and revolves around a notable public art piece in that community and captures different moods and genres from one season to the next, supported by poetry touching upon those experiences that may touch us during that season of our life.

Chris is married and lives in the suburbs of Tampa Bay, Fla. When she is not writing, she loves listening to music, binge-watching documentaries, discovering new Thai restaurants, and admiring and immersing herself in art of all formats.

Chris loves hearing from readers. Chat with her on Twitter (@chriskuhnauthor), pop by her Instagram page, follow her on Facebook and subscribe to blog updates here at the website. If you have more than 140 characters to share, you can also email her at ckuhntampabay@gmail.com.

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