Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Somebody’s got a birthday today. This little munchkin.



Jackson Browne Kuhn.


Yep, Jax turns the big 0-4 today. And he’s brought so much joy to our lives here in the Kuhn house.


But it wasn’t always like that. When we first got him, we both thought oh my, what have we gotten ourselves into — it was like we’d agreed to raise a little baby. He was just a puppy. Less than 6 months old. Our last dog arrived from the rescue group a few years old already, so we didn’t have to start from scratch. And he had so much energy, we couldn’t catch him most of the time as he shot like a rocket through the house.




Oy. I thought, we made a big mistake. Oh, and then there was his penchant for chewing on socks and panties.  Yeah, that was a fun stage to get through.




But then the one day my hubs realized when he put little Jax on a leash that he had absolutely no idea what he was supposed to do on this long rope-like thing, it dawned on us. He needed us. To show him right and wrong, to guide him for when it was okay to play but when he needed to harness a little of that energy and those sharp teeth. To teach him. And four years of an introduction to dog walking, crate training and sneaky laundry sorting strategies — and some growing up on his part — those pesky days of chewed up underthings, accidents here and there and enthusiastic nonstop nibbling  of fingers, noses, etc. are finally over. Sigh.




And today, we just get to celebrate you for all of your wacky, wild, and sweet, loving ways.



Jax, we love you to the moon and back, and we are so glad we were given the privilege of being your forever family. Happy birthday, Little Lion Man, crazy wookie, my sweet Jackie.




Thanks for reading, folks. ~ Chris K.





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