Book ’em, Danno!

Book ’em, Danno!

Have you been following along on Twitter during the ‘book cover challenge?’ Recently, a friend of mine on the social platform invited me to take part in a new Twitter activity for the new year. The guidelines: to post the covers of 10 books I have enjoyed over the years, in no order, with no explanations or comments, only the cover. Oh, and along the way, if I wanted to bring others into the challenge, I could extend an invite to others to join.


BrainDroppingsIf you have been keeping up with me on Twitter, then you know today was ‘day 4’ of the challenge. I shared one of my all-time favorite humor books by comedian George Carlin, his bestselling Brain Droppings. This book has a particular soft spot in my heart because I remember the impact it had on me when I read it. It came along at just the right time for me. I was on a pre-planned family vacation we had decided to still embark on even though I was unexpectedly let go a few months prior when the small tech company I worked for closed its doors.


It was July 2001, and our family was in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, and I’d brought with me titles by George Carlin and Al Franken because understandably, I needed things to raise my spirits, and on this trip, they both kept me laughing. I had done an interview before leaving for the trip and felt super positive I’d land the job, but I’d felt that way before. I didn’t want to raise my hopes too much only to be let down. So I turned to the beautiful scenery as I read bundled up on the balcony and looked out upon the mountains, taking in the fresh air, and let Carlin, Franken and other funny people fill my head with other things. As it turned out, I received a very generous job offer letter via email while vacationing. I was elated!  I could not wait to work for the company and especially the Vice President who had hired me. Mountain vacation euphoria rose to a new peak: I now knew that I would be going home to employment. Suddenly, I found the rest of the trip even more enjoyable and resumed reading less for comfort and more for the sheer pleasure of it.


These are the other three books I have featured so far.

HitchhikersGuide  TheOutsiders  AClockworkOrange


The most difficult parts of the exercise are narrowing it down to 10 titles and saying nothing about it. But nobody said I couldn’t blog about them here.


What titles would you choose? Feel free to comment here with a cover and show me what would be the first book that would launch your list of ten.  I look forward to seeing your choices. As always, thanks for reading. — Chris K.





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