CHRIS’S CORNER: Test Driving The Role of Guest Blogger

CHRIS’S CORNER: Test Driving The Role of Guest Blogger

Just a little reminder that my Friday guest blogger series CHRIS’S CORNER will resume in a few weeks. I’m currently lining up a stellar group for another awesome couple of months of guests, so can’t wait to introduce them.


In the meantime, this week was about a different guest blog experience: mine. I don’t have a link to share with you just yet but for the first time ever, I was asked to be someone else’s guest blogger and couldn’t have been more excited because of the nature of that blog. I got a chance to write about one of my absolute favorite things in the whole wide world…music.


An insightful gentleman who took part in my guest blog series recently, Daniel, asked if I would be open to reciprocating and contributing an entry to his awesome music blog Echoes and Silence. I was stunned to be asked, honored to take part and absolutely engaged as I worked on the piece earlier this week. (You’ll find out the significance of that particular album cover image featured here when you read it.) As soon as I learn of its posting, I will share the link with you here. Daniel gave me the formidable task of defining what music represents to me. After a little thought, it became real apparent what I had to write about so I can’t wait to share that link with you once it becomes available.


Have you ever been a guest blogger or columnist for someone before? It’s challenging because if you are a writer, you instinctively begin to march to your own tune but then quickly need to halt and remind yourself that you are in fact appearing on someone else’s site so all of those things that might be instinctive to you may or may not be appropriate to put on display on someone else’s page – whether it’s colorful language, subject matter or level of explicitness or revelation. I think it’s important to first and foremost be yourself as a guest blogger but just as crucial to be respectful of the generous person who invited you there – and that goes for participating in a Q&A or interview for a book blogger, other website or media resource.


So I survived my first guest blog experience, and hopefully, not my last. Whew! ┬áBut it was fantastic to get an opportunity to be on the other side of the keyboard. So far, the many wonderful people who have taken part in my little guest series have been so thoughtful and giving, and I now consider all of them friends as I hope they think of me, as well. Soon, a new set of friends will be visiting with you and me on some fun Fridays in the future, and I couldn’t be happier about that. So stay tuned…more great guest blogs at CHRIS’S CORNER will be coming your way soon, I promise!


As always, thanks for reading and have a spectacular weekend!

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