CHRIS’S CORNER Welcomes Guest Blogger Cameron Lincoln: In the Zone

CHRIS’S CORNER Welcomes Guest Blogger Cameron Lincoln: In the Zone

I couldn’t be more excited about this week’s guest blogger. I first bumped into author Cameron Lincoln back in March in the Twitterverse. By April, I had gotten an opportunity to enter a fascinating dialogue with him and a few other talented writers in a genre I had never thought about exploring before: erotica. Since then, I’ve read multiple titles from him and some other writers within the genre, and quickly recognized that my own interpretation of what “erotica” meant did not take into account a talented writer’s ability to put his own spin on it.

In Cameron’s case, it was for me a surprising romantic element that weaves throughout the Holiday Heat novella trilogy Waves of Passion, Tides of Lust and Oceans of Desire, as well as his ability to create believable female characters, something that perhaps I unfairly did not expect from a male erotica romance writer. (Now who’s fault was that really…um, the person stererotyping perhaps…MOI?)

Recently, Cameron announced that he’s embarking in another literary direction, as well: a paranormal romance and his first full-length novel. I asked Cameron if he  would mind stopping by my blog this week and as expected, the always charming and ever gracious writer agreed to do so. Cameron sheds some light on what it can be like for a writer building a repertoire in one genre while wanting to scratch that itch to try others. Thanks so much, Cam, for sharing your thoughtful words with us. I’m so happy you could be a part of the Friday series!

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My name is Cameron, and I’m a writer.

So, what kind of stories do you write?


The kind with words, generally. They’re usually made up, but not always. The people in them are just like you and me, even if they’re from Mars, or fighting inter-dimensional robots or going at it like unbridled animals on an office desk. Especially then, in fact.

I mean, what kind of stories.

I write erotica and romance. Romantic erotica, really…

I knew it! You’re an erotica writer!


No, I’m a writer. I just happen to be writing erotica and romance a lot at the moment. I’ve written other things. Thrillers, sci-fi, horror…

But you’re an erotica writer really, right? That’s your comfort zone.



When it comes to writing, is there really such a thing as a comfort zone? If you ponder the moments in life that you’re truly comfortable, you may be romantic about it, picturing being safely ensconced in the arms of the one you love; or, if you’re more of a realist, then you’re sitting in your undies eating cookies straight from the pack. Or perhaps I’m revealing too much there. Let me tuck it back.

As a species, we like to see people doing things they’re good at, and if you establish yourself as being good at something, folks generally like to see you do that thing forever more. Admit it…when your favourite singer made a go of being an actor, you cringed, right? Though probably not as much as when your favourite actor picked up the microphone. For every Fresh Prince, there’s a Bruno.

People don’t forget, and readers have mental bookmarks to save previous chapters of their favourite writers’ lives. Stephen King, regardless of whatever book he has just released, is known for horror. JK Rowling will always be ‘the Harry Potter lady.’ Nothing E.L James creates from now on will ever be spoken of without restraints and floggers coming up. But is writing about adolescent witchcraft really Rowling’s comfort zone? Is that – as epic and rich as it is – the only story she ever wanted to tell? Heck no. But it’s the one people expect her to tell, over and over again.

I love stories, as any reader does, and I love them in all their forms. The lyrical beauty of poetry and the rich tapestry of a novel; the heartwrenching majesty of a song that speaks directly to the soul; the pulse-pounding transcendent thrill of a great movie or the bombastic pizzazz of a comic book. I love the flop sweats and shivers brought on by horror, the mind bending delights of science-fiction and the dreamy fantasies brought on by romance. I live for storytelling, and I want to turn my pen to every last genre and medium that gets me excited.

My comfort zone is writing. Creating. Fabricating lies that ironically, must tell the absolute truth. Whether you’re telling stories for yourself or for others to read, there’s a never-ending itch that no end of scratching will cure. To tell more stories. To try new things, to explore new genres, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly… Wait. That’s someone else’s story. Damn, I want to tell one that starts just like that…

I’m recognised now for erotica, but I’d hate to think that was what was expected of me until my fingers drop off. My next big project is a novel in the paranormal genre with a heavy focus on romance. After that, who knows? Either way, accompanied by the relentless clack of the keys – and a big supply of Hobnobs and boxers – I’ll be perfectly comfortable in my zone.


  1. Loving the insights of these wonderful writers. Great job, Chris & Cam

    • Chris Kuhn

      Thanks, Carter. And Cameron definitely raises some very relevant questions we could all ask ourselves the next time a favorite writer, singer, actor, whatever, divulges that he or she wants to grow and expand their scope. Perhaps we could all learn to keep an open mind and put ourselves in their shoes. Thanks for the comment! :-)~ck

  2. Mr. Lincoln plucked the words straight from my brain. I feel very much the same way. Should an artist always use the same palette! I say nay. Let your spirit fly in whatever direction the wind takes it. It’s much more fun that way.

    • Chris Kuhn

      Here, here! Spoken like a true writer…oh yes, that’s right. You are. 😉 And for my readers who happen to see this thread of comments, this, my friends, is one of those other talented writers I alluded to earlier in the erotica romance genre. She won’t put it but I will – here’s her website. Check it out. Thanks for the comment, Paige!~ ck

      • Always nice to drop in for a squizz, Chris. You make an excellent cup of tea, my friend.

        • chriskuhn

          Awww. How did I miss this little gem of a reply? Always happy when you can drop by, my friend. xoxo 🙂 ~chris

  3. Reblogged this on Cameron Lincoln's Erotica and commented:
    Thanks so much to Chris Kuhn for allowing me to write a piece for her blog. It was great fun to put together. Keep an eye out for her book, THE MUSE UNLOCKED, arriving in June. Its going to be wonderful!

    • chriskuhn

      I’ve gotten so much wonderful feedback about your column, Cameron, so thank you again for taking part and for sharing it with your own followers. We’ve all gotten to introduce ourselves to each other and the consensus is: you are great. Yep. That was unanimous. 😉 ~chris

  4. Just thought you should know… your old twitter account is what pops up when trying to share the love of your blog, darling!

    Great post!! I adore Cameron and you both! Big Hugs!

    Bad Penny

    • Chris Kuhn

      Yes, unfortunately, I learned about that last week. I’ll be transitioning to a brand new website in a few weeks, so at this point, all should resolve soon by making the switch, but thank you very much for taking the time to tell me. Really appreciate that . 🙂 But please feel free to RT my tweet about it, if you would on Twitter. I believe we follow each other. That would be much appreciated!!

      Yes, isn’t Cameron fantastic? I couldn’t wait to introduce him to some of my readers who are strictly in the romance genre. I think they would be quite pleased with his writing style, attention to detail and character development. So I’ll bring some romance fans over to romantic erotica if it flattens me completely. Ha! 😉 Appreciate the comment and again, the tip very much! ~ ck

  5. Lovely!!! Cam’s a true talent!

    • chriskuhn

      That he is! Couldn’t agree more 🙂 Thanks for reading! ~chris

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