Class Is In Session!

Earlier this week, I asked you to go back…back to those dear old school days of yesterday. For some of us, it might take a bus or a commuter jet. For others, light years and the Mars Rover.

Since school is now officially underway in my neck of the woods, I thought to myself, ‘what if I could go back to school, but instead of taking what everybody else wanted me to take, I could build my own schoolday.’

I know. I really do have too much free time. Or I need to stop whipping up highballs after midnight on the weekend.

So this week’s question posed was…

If you could build your ideal school day for you, the student of today, what would your class schedule look like?

I hope you took a little time to contemplate the question for yourself. Maybe, if you journal, even jot down a few ideas in response to that question. I had a blast dreaming up my own fantasy curriculum and I took it one step further and built a whole week to be a student of life. And I can tell you that I am soooooo ready to enroll right now. Where do I sign up…HUH? HUH?

I have never tired of learning and when I do, it’s voracious. But the problem is time and energy. By the time, I’m finished working on my ‘bread and butter assignments,’ I barely have enough time to do anything culturally educational or inspiring and yet I’ve always been a faithful student passionate about the humanities, pop culture and history. But if I knew that I could fill a whole day or better yet an entire week — OHMIGOD, slightly orgasmic to contemplate — with lessons and readings about some of my favorite subjects, well, l would be a happy, happy girl.

So…my “school-week” for your reading curiosity:

MONDAY – Today, I’m focusing on starting the week off positively with mood-boosting, inspiring and other important life-changing “stuff”. Today’s classes: Women’s Studies, Vitamins and Herbs, Stretching and Organizing.

TUESDAY – Time to stir up my creative juices— Renaissance Art and Music, 30s-50s Film Study, 20th Century Playwrights, Creative Writing and Intensive Book Study: this week’s book, Brave New World. Been a while since I read it. Would love to do so again. (I think I will anyway…)

WEDNESDAY – I want to get a little hands-on today — Sketching in the park, Photography trek to a local attraction (ooh, Homossassa Springs Park!), Acoustic Guitar lessons and Vegetarian Cooking.

THURSDAY – It’s time to re-charge my brain and get back to the basics of good, old-fashioned academia. It will serve as a good reminder that I really do know, remember and appreciate this kind of knowledge in my noggin at some point in my life and who knows? It could even come in handy on “Jeopardy” someday — British Literature,  U.S. Presidents, Introduction to Latin, Biology (the human body), Economics and Semantics and Logic (ooh, that was my favorite class in school…besides Drama, of course!)

FRIDAY – We’ll end the week with some practical stuff that I can never know enough about and some for which I know nothing at all — Autos 101, Basic Sewing,  Personal Finance, Public Speaking, and Home Repair and Maintenance.

Anyone joining me for class? Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got lined up for your day-long or week-long student of learning experience…

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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