Creative Project Ideas…Your Thoughts?

Creative Project Ideas…Your Thoughts?

Sitting on my lanai this Sunday morning and reflecting. Doesn’t everybody do that? No, not sit on MY lanai and reflect but, well— you get where I’m going with this. I consider the first 2 weeks a test-drive of the new year. So far, I’ve gotten far more sleep than usual, caught a movie one lazy afternoon, and found myself with time enough to finish reading one book and start another two! And I’m sure my Words with Friends compadres are happy to see me finally sending some words back in their direction.


But what next? In past years, I ventured down the path of fun, creative, year-long projects I’d give myself — I’ve finished many of them, others bit the dust within a month or two, or a few weeks. I’ve taken a photo a day for a year, written a short story one sentence a day until I finished the story and set out to try a set number of new things every month.


I’ve taken painting classes, visited new museums, tried new restaurants, drinks and recipes. I even created something one year where I posed a question each week to encourage a conversation among others and blogged my own response late in the week. I called it Kuhnspirations. Yeah, that’s hokey, I know. It was the brand marketer inside that got the best of the me that day. Heh.


So what shall I tackle in 2017?


I thought I’d toss out the question to my friends, followers, readers and fellow scribes. I welcome your suggestions. Keep in mind that I’m not athletically inclined nor am I anything of a do-it-yourself talent. (I’m best when kept away from sharp instruments or tools that can do more damage to myself than build anything useful!) It can be related to writing but it doesn’t have to be. I’m a big fan of the arts – all kinds. But I’m also open to new areas I’ve never explored, too.


Feel free to comment below — and offer up some ideas for creative homework I could assign myself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to keep the imagination percolating and inspired.  And thanks in advance. ~ Chris K   xo


  1. Joseph Knight

    You could try cooking a dinner from a different country every week/month. Offer time at a different shelter/mission/community service location every week/month. You could learn a new board/card game every week or so at your local game store (there are often free/demo nights at good ones).

    You could start up Minecraft and see what a year’s worth of building gets you. (haha)

    • chriskuhn

      Hmm… I have a feeling that last suggestion speaks from personal experience! Heh. These are all great ideas. I really love the first one but maybe for the month. I still have time in January…woohoo! And the new game idea is a great one, too, again perhaps monthly might work better for me. I think I could even incorporate your second idea but perhaps in a slightly different way — by bringing attention to it as a writer, raising awareness, if I cannot commit the outside time. All awesome ideas. Thank you, Joseph! You rock 😀 ~ Chris K x

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