Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

I’m doing a lot of cleanup on aisle 5 this week.

As you know, I’m working away on my book THE MUSE UNLOCKED, which is scheduled to publish this summer. This is the time when I begin to look back at past chapters and discover more things that I want my characters to say, more revelations that I want my reader to experience.

But the answer to the question “When is more better and when is more too much?” is a tricky little boogerhead. (That’s urban-speak for literary conundrum.)

For example, this week I gathered a set of scenes scattered throughout the book that involved a therapist, and I wanted my professional source contact to review them for any red flags that took away from the scenes’ legitimacy. But as I was gathering, I couldn’t help myself. A little tweak here…a little insertion there…oh hell, let’s just add this entire other element I’d been kicking around for months in my head. There! (Four hours later.) That ought to do it.

I know that no matter what I add, there will always be something else that I deem missing. I will admit that I’m starting to become a danger to myself. I am literally working on the book’s last chapter and the closer I get to the conclusion, the slower I’m writing. Coincidence?

Yeah. I didn’t think so either.

I guess I just don’t want the story to end.

It’s like getting to the end of that frothy vanilla milkshake with the maraschino cherry that magically swims its way to the bottom of the paper cup. No one wants to take the last suck on that straw, because then that tasty, creamy milkshake will be done. Finished. Over. The thrill will be gone. And when you dip down deep and scoop out the little cherry, you’re just not the same. The deed has been done.

Damn straight, I like metaphors.  And yes, all nerds’ minds really are that dirty. TRUST ME. Besides, I think it has something to do with that last scene I just wrote that’s left me a little…um… hot and bothered this morning.

I am happy that I’ve made one decision already. The story may end for now…but not for long. There are many more places I’d like to take Cate and Oliver and crew. The question is: will others want to follow them there?  I’ll build the roads, but whether the readers wish to travel them, well, that’ll be someone else’s decision for once.

Happy reading!



  1. I am now trying to figure out how I can work “boogerhead” into every conversation I have.

    I think it’s great that you are reluctant to end the manuscript because you love the story so much. If it were me, I’d be reluctant to finish because that means…putting it out there, for all the world (and critics) to see. It’s a brave thing, finishing a book.

    • Chris Kuhn

      Oh trust me: that fear of the world and its critics is there, too. I believe the phrase scared shitless would best describe my nerves these days. But I keep reminding myself why I wrote the book – I felt like there were some missing elements in the contemporary romance titles I enjoy, and I hope to spark some inspiration in others to deliver more of them, too. My goal is to earn the nickname Firestarter! 🙂 Thanks for the comment! ~ck

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