Digging In

Digging In

Nothing like it. This. Feels. So. Good.

Digging my bare feet into this familiar terrain. Awww, man, have I missed being here and all of the emotions and ideas that stir inside of me when I visit this place. I never realized how much it meant to me until I left. How each thought, each exclamation, each conversation, does titillate and tease that restlessness and drive in me to spin a good tale and lure in somebody to listen to it.

I can already begin visualizing the next scene, those words I long to drip from his mouth into her ear.  They are right there, smack dab in front of me. All of those secrets and hideaways waiting to be exposed. And I cannot wait to reach out and grab them, envelop them within my embrace and corral them into some semblance of structure and eloquence so that they lie elegantly on the page for a reader to scoop up and devour.

It feels good to be here with you once more, to be crawling inside the minds and bodies of these characters again. It feels good to be writing.



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