Five to Try about to Fly

I’ve mentioned before that I’m engaging in some fun new projects this year as a way of feeding that same creative urge that my 2010 Pic-a-Day photo blog did for me last year.

Okay, sometimes I did get a little out of control with my photo experiment, but you have to admit – the bubbles are pretty groovy.

One of my new creative projects for this year is the ongoing tale I’m writing that you’ve read here or for which you may be receiving subscriber updates to follow along (hopefully with the added fuel of your own input and ideas!)

 The other project I’m just about to dive into is something new called FIVE TO TRY – a conscious effort to try or learn five new things each month! Next week, I’ve got some opportunities to try a few new local restaurants (more on that later this month and I’ll do my best to include photos/feedback), a new vegetarian recipe is on the agenda next week, as well as a new museum I plan to visit in the upcoming week or two also…

But this week, I’m especially excited about a new class I’m taking.  Starting this Wednesday, I’m signed up for the next six weeks to learn about and try out for myself three different painting media at the Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa- watercolors, oils and acrylics! I couldn’t be happier because I’ve never taken anything even remotely artistic since becoming an adult. As a little girl, I wasn’t known for being the most artistically inclined but as I got older, especially in high school and college, I used to tinker with sketching on the side, just for fun and kept most of these to myself. Then when I entered college, I found the study of humanities and I was smitten. It even compelled me to give up a chance at a Mac for a study tour to Europe to see the great works of art and architecture. (I know some Mac lovers would say I was a fool, but I’d say otherwise…)

So I don’t expect that this first new lesson of the month (and year) is going to turn me into a Monet or Picasso but I’m thrilled to see creatively what new doors it opens…because I believe that all creativity is connected – visual, auditory, literary, etc. And I know from experience that great music can completely inspire me to write and have often heard the same thing from artists, that it can take them to exciting places in their drawing or painting. Now I want to see if physically creating works of visual art might inspire me as a writer. We’ll see… but either way, I plan on having fun and letting go.

I’ll update you Wednesday about my first Five to Try adventure. Still looking for another new thing to try this month… maybe a new cocktail? I’m pretty much the virgin when it comes to drinks so just about anything’s fair game since I’m more of a wine and beer woman. Tried my first martini early last year (if you can believe that) – oh and hated it, by the way… Any suggestions?

So what about you?  What new things can you learn or try this year? To motivate yourself, to become smarter, to find joy in everyday life or maybe for some other reason unique to you… who’s going to join me? What FIVE TO TRY can you take on for January? There’s still plenty of time to hop on board and try out this experiment with me, so welcome aboard!


  1. I’m so on board with this idea! On my try list for 2011 are:

    cross country skiing
    reformer pilates
    cooking classes

    • CKuhnTampaBay

      I love this, Jamie! Wow, I’m talking about trying new recipes and cocktails and you’re going to be handling an epee and tackling the slopes. I’d say my activities may be perhaps a little less ambitious than yours… you think? 🙂 But we will cheer each other on, and I will toast you and your success as you achieve them (clearly not with a martini though but perhaps something brand spankin’ new!) Good luck…keep me posted. ~ CK

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