Flash Blog: Mystery Solved!

Flash Blog: Mystery Solved!

Oooooh weeeeee, I love a good mystery. Especially when it concludes with a EUREKA! Yesterday, a mystery was solved. And this closure freak couldn’t be happier about it! You see, I’m working on some short stories for my next book that will integrate pieces of art within the plot and it just so happens that I had chosen one piece of art for which I knew zilch. Well, that’s not entirely true. I knew the city of its location. And, impressive as that wealth of knowledge may sound, that was about it. I didn’t know the title of the piece or the artist or when it was installed or why it was installed…nada!


Frankly, it was beginning to look like I might never found out any of this information, just bits and pieces, here and there. But now, thanks to four awesome people at the offices of the City of Winter Haven, Florida, I know more than I ever thought I could know about this work of art. (Thanks, you helpful folks…you know who you are!) Aah, I love it! Details, details, details…I’m all about the details. Give ‘em to me! I love backstories. I treasure being privy to inspiration and motivation. I enjoy detecting and deciphering symbolism.


And now I do the part I’ve been longing to do most of all…the storytelling. The bullet points have been developed and jotted down. The tone and theme determined. And my favorite part of all, the denouement… with a little time and patience, an intricate little network of characters moving to and fro and intersecting each other’s lives finally sees it…the bend, the twist, the turn of events. Mmm. How I love when a story’s resolution presents itself before you, all because you waited patiently for it to arrive without force or desperation interceding.


Yep. I can’t wait to write this story but most of all, I cannot wait to deliver this story…to you. And in just a matter of a few months…I will. Stay tuned, folks.  ~ Chris


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