Flash Blog: Reward Yourself

Flash Blog: Reward Yourself

This past week has been challenging. Lots of deadlines all crossing paths. I had the satisfaction of completing one of them, albeit a tiny bit behind, as of this morning. I’m still not completely finished with everything. I have one rather large project in progress and two smaller ones waiting patiently for their turn in line. Oh, and there’s the matter of those two books I’m trying to write. Hee.

But sometimes, we must play. And I’ve decided that today will be one of those days. Hubby is off work. I am off work from my part-time gig. I work hard. A lot. For many people. But very often, I don’t take the time to give myself a little downtime.

So with one big deadline completed and the other at a place I can comfortably pick up this evening, I say this sunshine and fresh air I’m enjoying on the lanai this lovely Tuesday morning deserves a little more attention.

And so… I shall give it to them. With a day at the fair. Mmm.

So, Robinson’s Racing Pigs… Agricadabra Magic Show… ROCK-IT the Robot… fantastically fried friggin’ everything! Here we come…we’re headed to the Florida Strawberry Festival.

And to that, I simply close with…yum.  ~  chris


  1. Nancy V

    Good for you, Chris! I enjoyed this “reward yourself” flash blog – hope you’re eating an extra strawberry shortcake!! : )

    • chriskuhn

      I definitely got my fair share of spoonfuls of Strawberry Shortcake (hubby and I shared a bowl!) Happy you enjoyed the blog. It’s about time I’ve figured out this ‘reward yourself’ thing, huh? Lol. x ~ chris

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