Flash Blog: Special Thanks, Book Clubs and MORE Fun Stuff

Flash Blog: Special Thanks, Book Clubs and MORE Fun Stuff

What on Earth does the title of this short blog mean? Exactly what it says. I have a few loose ends and I thought what better way to tie them than right here on my blog. So without further ado, my first order of business is to say thanks. Thank you so much to all of you who came out recently for the 2nd Annual Oxford Exchange Book Fair, and specifically showed up to see yours truly. It meant the world to me that you took time out of your Sunday to find a parking space on a very busy day at the bookstore and made your way through the maze of brunch customers downstairs to make it up to the second floor and see me. Most of you bought books — some, multiple copies for gifts to hand out to friends — and I can’t express enough how much your support means to me. In addition to the friends who came out to snag a signed copy of OUR SEASONS, I met a lot of new wonderful people who I hope will soon engage with me out on Twitter, Facebook or GoodReads, people just getting introduced to my words for the first time. It was wonderful to meet all of you! I also want to send a special thanks to Michael at Oxford Exchange and Laura, as well, for all of their support throughout the process. They looked out for the participating authors, and I’ve already shared with them that I sincerely hope to be a part of this great event again in the future.


In other news, I am very excited to share that later this month (Tuesday, May 24) I will be taking part in a special ‘Meet the Author’ event that a suburban Tampa Bay community’s book club has invited me to attend. They featured THE MUSE UNLOCKED as one of their 2016 reading selections and supposedly a few dozen members have already signed up to attend this event which should be a blast. I always appreciate the chance to hear how people interpret various plot points of the book, identify with particular characters and mention their favorite scenes or quote lines from the book. If you happen to be part of a book club or even run one in your area, I may not be able to attend in person but that’s the beauty of Skype. I’d love to help out by providing discussion questions should your group need any and if I can also be a part of the get-together following the group’s reading of the book,  even better — in person or virtually. So be sure to reach out to me at chris@chriskuhnauthor.com if you would be interested in featuring either THE MUSE UNLOCKED or OUR SEASONS as one of your upcoming book club selections. I can also provide group discounts for those looking to buy greater quantities of the book for club member use.


Finally, fun stuff —- it’s got to be one of my favorite parts of my website and fans of THE MUSE UNLOCKED have expressed that, too. Many have told me they love the bonus scenes, background into how the book came to be, and especially the playlists. But I haven’t yet posted bonus material for OUR SEASONS. That all changes this week. So look for some upcoming posts about new material that will be published by the weekend to feature some of the backstory behind the short stories and poetry within OUR SEASONS, as well as an opportunity to meet some of the artists whose work I feature and weave stories around in the book. I cannot wait to introduce you to them! Stay tuned for that NEW Fun Stuff for OUR SEASONS readers to devour.


Until then, have fun exploring all of the goodies currently in the FUN STUFF section of the website and maybe catch up on past blogs. And don’t forget — if you’re reading either of my books currently, I’d love to catch a photo of where you are enjoying the read. Tag me on Twitter or Facebook and be sure to use #MeAndTheMuse or #MeAndMySeasons!  And you just might see it added to my website. Click here to see where some of my previous readers have been sneaking in a tasty read so far.


Have a beautiful day, Friends.  ~ Chris  xo

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