Funny Girls

Funny Girls

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by Chris Kuhn


We’re the funny girls.


We joke, we jest.

Good for a laugh, ripe for a smile.

It’s our role, it’s our job

It’s our shroud we absorb and we don

For our comfort, for protection

And sometimes it even smothers.


We’re the funny girls.


And more times than not, that’s all we’ve ever been.

All anyone has ever known or seen when they gaze upon us.


Just once, only once, would the funny girls like to be more than

Good for a laugh, ripe for a smile.


Humor doesn’t swallow up our desire

Nor does it douse the need to feel desired.


But it does distract, doesn’t it?

And it does cloud and disguise

And though you may not realize

Those little labels are like sandspurs

Little prickly reminders that pinch

And needle like worn-out pictures

Of whom we’ve always been,

How we’ve always been perceived,

Often who we’d like to forget

Or leave behind to become someone else.


The friend who quietly watched

Her best pal asked out by her longtime crush

The girl sitting home on prom night

Rationalizing fear and the lonelies away.


But this is all we know,

so we do what we know.

We act where we excel

And we jab and we jest.

We tell a good joke

And we get you to laugh,

Though silently we want you to swoon

And stumble in awe of our presence.

From your lips, we earn a big grin

Though a devilish smirk

And a firm, wet, gloriously passionate kiss would delight us so

We win over your giggle in droves

Though we wish it were your velvety lips calling our name when you feel our fireworks.

You do all but pat us on the back for our efforts

And we’re ready to flee to our lonely corners, never to raise our voice nor head again.


We’re the funny girls.

Good for a laugh, ripe for a smile.

That’s what we do, that’s what we’re here for.


Just once, finally once, would we like to be thought of as more.



  1. Angel Hawk

    Love your funny girls,or should i say: love you funny girl! You make me lol,with your girls,hon!

    • chriskuhn

      Ha! Funny girls can definitely be entertaining but sometimes they want to be remembered for something more. Glad you liked it. 🙂 ~chris

  2. Dearest Chris – I love this piece so much as It speaks to the inner me….and yes there is so much more to us! You are an amazing woman and I love reading your stuff TY for sharing Hun! xox

    • chriskuhn

      Thanks, Deb. I know this could have just as easily been named Nice Guys, Pretty Girls, Smart Girls, etc. It’s simply about seeing past the obvious, getting beyond the surface and recognizing there is so much more beneath us all. Always appreciate the feedback. 🙂 xo ~ chris

  3. Yvonne McDaniel

    Love Funny Girls, Chris. Truer words were never spoken! I was voted class clown my senior year in high school. What does that tell you about me! I love the funny girls! Thanks for your lovely prose!

    • chriskuhn

      Thanks, Yvonne. I really appreciate that. Aah, so you were one of THOSE, the class goof, class comedian. Gotcha. You know, one of my favorite comedy albums was George Carlin, Class Clown, and he did pretty good for himself, but being funny is definitely not something expected from the ladies. And when it happens, many times folks just don’t know what to do with us, do they? Lol. And when we are jumping up and down in front of them, trying to be seen as something else entirely, other than funny? Well, forget it. They haven’t a clue. 🙂 Glad my words resonated with you. ~ chris

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