Great American Read ~ Reviews: FRANKENSTEIN

Great American Read ~ Reviews: FRANKENSTEIN

Wondering where I am in the the Great American Read Summer Challenge 2018  that launched in May? Not quite as far as I hoped to be. Part of the reason has been work but also the book at the center of this week’s latest review. Let’s just say that I wasn’t able to read this one quite as quickly and smoothly as previous titles. In fact, GoodReads would never be a phrase I would use to describe this one. Whoops! Am I giving too much away?


This latest culprit – er, title – is FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley, and I read the Kindle Amazon classics version of the horror novel. The totally uninspiring and forgettable cover illustration should have been my first clue that all would not go well with this latest read.  My lowest-rated title yet.




This cover (above) from an old paperback version in my collection is far more interesting visually but much like the adage, don’t judge a book in this way…oy. I would happily give up the more eye-catching graphic if the content inside were far more absorbing. Well, read my review and find out what went wrong for me. I was pleased to see I wasn’t alone in my misery but we who did not enjoy are definitely in the minority. Oh well. I gave it my best shot.

Click here to read my latest GoodReads book review for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

I’m taking a tiny break from the Challenge to read a friend’s new book which I hope to have a review for within the next week or two but then, I’ll return to my next adventure on this literary journey. Hope you’ll continue joining me for the ride.


As always, thanks for reading.  ~ Chris K.

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