Lace and Extending Beyond Our Comfort Zone

Lace and Extending Beyond Our Comfort Zone

How do we grow as artists? We step outside our comfort zone a little.  I like to do this from time to time. Today was one of those times.

I write romance. I do not however claim to be an erotica writer in any way, yet on occasion, I enjoy taking my love for reading and writing poetry to explore creating more sensual prose and imagery. Sometimes I share this, other times I reserve it just for me. But a few months ago, I was invited by author S.J. Warner to take part in a week-long celebration of erotic poetry called Treat Week and made my first “official” attempt at penning my own poem with “The Wait.” I don’t know that I would call it erotic – sensual and alluring might be better adjectives – but it was a great experience and I was privileged to be in the company of some wonderful writers. Here is the link to my poem “The Wait” if you missed it.

This week, Warner hosts another literary challenge, this time with the theme of “Lace” and I have participated yet again. In fact, my post hit her blog this morning. Here is the link to my poem “Lace.”

But this time, I wanted to do something more. Not only did I try to push myself a little further into the more erotic realm than I typically write, I also decided that I wanted to record the poem and share that with readers, too. So I have done exactly that. If you would like to HEAR me read my poem “Lace” that posted today, just click on this link to connect with my AudioBoo recording. And as a little bonus, I have even gone back and recorded my last erotic poem that I penned earlier this year, so you can take a listen to that as well. Click here for the link to the AudioBoo recording of “The Wait.”

I encourage any of my friends who are artists in some form or another — writers, painters, musicians, actors, etc. — to make a point every few months to at least try something different than what you’re used to doing. Go outside your craft, your genre, your previous experience and make it an adventure. And if you’re really brave, share it with the rest of us. There’s no better way to learn about ourselves than to take risks and see how we meet them.

But you don’t have to be an artist to go outside your comfort zone. So go on… do it. Be brave today. Color outside the lines a little. And see what beautiful things you can make.

I dare you. Now dare yourself.     ~ ck   xx

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