Latest Profile Celebrates a Legacy of Civility

Latest Profile Celebrates a Legacy of Civility

Recently, I had the privilege of chatting with two members of a local legacy, a nearly 86-year-old tradition right in our backyard in downtown St. Petersburg. Check out my latest profile on DESTINATION TAMPA BAY and meet the St. Petersburg Half Century Softball Club. You don’t have to enjoy baseball or softball to appreciate their commitment to sportsmanship, fairness and quality play.   AuthorGolenbockInStPete-photofromHisTwitterFeedDuring the interview process, I even got an unexpected treat. Now, anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m a baseball fan. I will admit that I am not a Yankees fan (ducks from produce being hurled by Yankees fans across the globe). So I also will admit that I am not versed on every great historical Yankees book or bio. But I have heard of a very famous bio, The Bronx Zoo: The Astonishing Inside Story of the 1978 World Champion New York Yankees. I had no idea when I pitched this story idea to my editor (pun intended), that the president of the softball club would connect me to one of its long-time members, who just happens to be the best-selling author and sports journalist, Peter Golenbock, who not only penned Zoo but at least nine other New York Times best-selling books and several other acclaimed works across entertainment, politics and high-profile criminal cases, as well as across other sports such as football, college basketball and football, and auto racing. In fact, his book American Zoom: Stock Car Racing – From the Dirt Tracks to Daytona has the distinction of being the best-selling book about NASCAR.   I was caught off guard by my sheer luck crossing paths with such a baseball guru. Truth be told, I would have loved to continue chatting with the congenial and charming author for hours to pose plenty of other MLB-related questions, but I do try to respect my interview subject’s time. Sigh. I may have to find another excuse to do that again. It was an absolute pleasure getting to chat with him. SoftballClub-EndOfGameShakingHandsThanks again to club president Mr. Alex Millman and of course, Mr. Golenbock, for their input and time. I hope if some morning you find yourself in the Northshore Field area of downtown St. Pete on a Mondays, Wednesday or Friday, you’ll swing by to meet these cool guys ages 49-74 playing softball. Their season runs October through April, but they play practice games all summer long until the season starts, so watch them in action and cheer on the teams, maybe even say hello and tell them how you heard about them. Plus, they’re always looking for new interested members to join. Maybe you’re game? ClubOffensivePlayerOfTheSeason-NormPerryInAction-75HRLeagueLeader

Click here to read my latest article, “Half Century Softball Club, A Legacy and Lesson in Sportsmanship.”

As always, thanks for reading.  x ~ Chris. K

**photos courtesy of Half Century Softball Club and Peter Golenbock

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