Sometimes we may not be as far apart as we might think.

Not really anyway.


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MILES by chris kuhn


We hail from different worlds,

Though the contrast is benign

Miles stretch before us, as do

Unique pasts and separate lives

Yet so many of the same questions

Plague similarly stirred minds.


Is the direction I’m traveling the right one?

What happens if I go that way instead?

Will this be the clearest I will see things

Or has vision been obscured by another’s head?


I don’t have many answers anymore

These days I find I rarely do

All that I am is what I feel

And what I know as true

Sure as I am of the moon in its glow

The one thing that cannot disappoint is you.



  1. Interesting thoughts going on here. It touches on one of the themes I’m exploring for the guest blog I’m sending you in a few days. Lovely piece of work.

    • chriskuhn

      Can’t wait to read it, Matt, and especially share with my readers very soon. 🙂 ~ Chris

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