My Kind of Therapy

This weekend marks a historical date in this wacky writer’s life. A wedding anniversary. FORMER wedding anniversary actually.  I can’t help it. When the date comes around each year, it does stir up some not-so-pleasant memories, not of the beautiful ceremony but of the dissolution of the marriage.

As a writer, I feel fortunate to have my own therapeutic outlet – much like a musician or artist who can unleash the memories, characters and emotions of an earlier time and reframe something that can be really painful into what will hopefully be something enlightening, inspiring or entertaining for somebody else. A little over a year ago, I decided to share my story of what I call my ‘Whirlwind Divorce.’ I know I’m not alone out there with stories like mine, but  many of us feel too embarassed to share them.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the P-word (politeness) that you miss out on great opportunities. Common courtesy and good manners can really get in the way of taking risks and making those tough decisions that need to be made to preserve our own self-esteem or downright survival!

Last January, this essay ran in various skirt! Magazine markets across the country, including Tampa Bay. In honor of this weekend, I thought I’d share it with my readers here again. Behold: Plight of the All-Too-Polite. Does this sound like you?

And as a quirky alternative, I offer my own reading of the essay in mp3 format for those who’d rather check it out later. Download the audio file here. (1.82 MB, MP3)

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