One for the History Books

Earlier this week, I posed a question to you that you may not have thought about before. If you could be known for something, what would YOU like to be your legacy? The ponder was inspired by the late Sally Ride and her legendary jaunt into space, and though a private, modest woman, she really had a tremendous influence on others and inspired many young girls, perhaps much more than she realized at the time.

Did you get a chance to think about where you might want to end up in the history books? As for me, I struggled to drop my constraint which tends to wear the hat of “realist” far more than “dreamer” unfortunately. But for this exercise, I battled through and here is what I would wish for, if the stars aligned.

Some people strive to be the fastest runner, the most medaled swimmer or the nut who can shove the most hot dogs into his mouth and digestion system within several minutes. I do not aim for any of these distinctions, no. However, I would love to go into the history books as being the person who inspired the most people to start something creative in their life — a new blog, a photo journal, a new book or a decision to pursue a new hobby like painting, pottery or photography!

Obviously, I realize that measuring this will be nearly impossible; however, I hope as I move forward and find other means to influence people to tap into the creative strand in their DNA (and yes, we all have it somewhere), that I will hear from people about their adventures and learn that – well, sonofabitch, what do you know? I might have actually inspired somebody!

So that is what I wish for regarding my legacy. How about you? What tracks do you want to make in the history books? Can’t wait to hear from you!

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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