Open Road Ahead

Open Road Ahead

Somewhere out in an Arizona stadium, droves and droves of people are screaming for their favorite players. Or maybe just screaming after the realization of exactly how many thousands of dollars they spent to go to the event. But it pales in comparison to the ad executives at home who know their jobs are on the line for the millions of dollars they spent for little blurbs to run tonight for a meager 30 seconds of airtime.

How are you doing this evening? Me? Oh, I’m just suuuuuuuuuuuuuper!   Heh.

Well, in part because I finished my last of three deadlines this week. So not only do I get to enjoy watching the “Big Game” tonight and not have work weighing on my mind, but more importantly, … I am anticipating my week ahead with a cleared desk and that can only mean one thing: the opportunity to write. And I cannot WAIT to do that. I’ve been itching to write all week and my schedule simply hasn’t allowed me to do so. THIS is the week when all of that changes and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Do you have that pet project or special hobby or something you’ve been dying to work on in your home or business that you have been stir crazy about wanting to tackle?  That’s me for the past week and a half. Ever since I made a decision to move into a slightly different direction with my writing for the moment, I’ve done nothing but drool over the prospect and then right in that moment of epiphany, every possible other freelance commitment became due all at once.

But this week. Aah. The gray clouds are lifting, the rocky waves are dying down and the traffic jam has finally cleared.

The road is open, and I cannot wait to take a journey this week. And soon, I’ll be welcoming you to join me.

Enjoy the game. And yeah, I’m still rooting for the Colts. ~ck


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