Traveling involves some risk. Anytime we decide to venture down a path, whether it’s one we’ve explored before or a new, completely unexplored trail, we take some risk. Will we reach our destination? What will happen along the way? Will the journey be worth it? And how much of ourselves will change in the process?

Wishing you much success on the many journeys you have ahead of you. Look out for those potholes, but don’t forget. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves when we hit those potholes than we do from the smoothest parts of the roadway. ~ ck


By Chris Kuhn


Too quick to blame myself
A simple move to chastise
Each step I didn’t take
My faith I sacrifice.


A path so cumbersome
A road with lengths to tour
And every time I blink
A trying stretch detours more.

One crack in the highway
We are stranded and alone
Another can push us harder
To go where we have not gone.

Step into a puddle ankle-deep
Brush away rain-soaked hair
For a trek long and unforgiving
But worth knowing hope is there.



  1. Deb Lane

    I know and relate bud… xox

    • chriskuhn

      We do learn a lot from those potholes though, don’t we? Yep, unfortunately, we truly do. ~ chris

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