Progress Report

Progress Report

Happy to report that yesterday’s day of writing was a huge success. In fact, not only did I start a little story project I was embarking on for a local magazine’s literary contest, BUT I even wrote the whole first draft! I plan on elaborating in Friday’s blog about one big slice of self-discovery that I came upon during my Tuesday creativity jam. More on that topic then.

Next up, I’ll be diving in headfirst into major content elements for the literary anthology I recently blogged about that will be my second published book. And best of all, I even have a field trip planned to one of my favorite local parks next week directly related to this work in progress. Woot woot! I always love a good road trip!

I think the greatest thing that I came away with yesterday was… the thrill for words is still there. You know, as writers, many of us feel an ebb and flow with our creativity. Sometimes it’s due to the circumstances in our lives that can douse any passion for tossing around words. And still other times, it’s more to do with just not feeling inspired. But then suddenly, an idea hits and you become so engrossed, so unbelievably SMITTEN with bringing that concept to a page, that you can think of nothing else. Admittedly, I haven’t felt this in awhile. It’s nice to know that I still can.

Wishing you a beautiful day filled with joy, love and discovery.  ~ck

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