Sometimes people are meant to cross paths and connect, and sometimes while this may be so, there is something that prevents them from fully recognizing the role each one could play in the other’s life. In these moments, it is usually best to simply let…them…go.


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RELEASED by chris kuhn


I do not know you
But I thought I did.
Within just a day
Truth no longer hid.


So much humility
And a gentle call
Was what I heard
But not you at all.


Something else
Lay far beneath
A shrouded you
I could not see.


Pain, so much pain,
Lacing each word
A need to be loved,
Accepted and heard.


I understood this well,
More than you know.
We take different paths
But cross at like roads.


And yet when I tried
You turned me away
A friend lends an ear
To a slap in the face.


You say you want love
A friend who is true
Graced with them both
You haven’t a clue.


Tired of giving
For cold in return.
Such a grip you hold,
I wish I would learn.


Hope for your heart
And for life to be kind
And a peaceful salve
For your troubled mind.


So I’ll say no more.
Let us end the day.
A few quiet steps,
A long walk away.



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