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Riddle Me This

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Today is June 18. It is a day marked by some significant firsts: in 1983, Sally Ride became the first woman in space on the Challenger 2; in 1940, Winston Churchill gave his famous “Finest Hour” speech during the Battle of Britain, which not only infused a country but eventually earned Gary Oldman a much-deserved Oscar; in 1981, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart retired, creating a vacancy on the most prestigious bench of all that left the door open for President Ronald Reagan to nominate the first ever woman to the Supreme Court in early July; and many more interesting happenings in history.


Some very famous people were born on this date, June 18, including Paul McCartney (1942), Isabella Rossellini (1952), and from the past, notable figures such as famous English mountain climber George Mallory (1886) and successful lyricist Sammy Cahn (1913), among others.


So I ask you, with all of these famous things that have happened on this date and super famous, interesting people that could be the focus of the daily #GoogleDoodle feature, why the hell did Google take this day to celebrate… FALAFEL?!








Seriously, #Google?  FALAFEL???!!!


Over Paul McCartney’s birthday or Sally Ride in space…really???



~ C. Kuhn








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