With our lives paved before us by our words, actions and choices, we can discover that these building blocks have laid out paths we always dreamed of. And we can also discover that they can build roadways to other places, too, places we never envisioned visiting and some we wished we hadn’t. We may even lose our way from time to time. But our roots have a way of reminding…and binding.

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by Chris Kuhn


These roots extend so deep
Stretching across lulls and rushes
Laced amid joy and grief
Buoyant wins, squashing crushes.


I’ve been here and I remain.
Etched upon a stone that I am under
Lined with truth and trimmed with pain
This space has not curtailed my wonder.


And what of a zig instead of a zag
Would it change the person I became?
Had I opted to win the race instead of lag
Would I be playing a different game?


But I’ve been here and I remain
Etched upon a stone that rests upon me
Marked by choice and refrain
This space has only spurred my envy.


We pine for lightness in our heart
Longing to be noticed and taken in
We wait so long for dreams to start
And only later realize what hasn’t been.


Yet I’ve been here and I remain
Etched upon a marker cloaked in mud.
Veil a mosaic of memories and a name
A lump of skin, bones, muscle and blood.


My lips still speak, my words do quiver
Catching my breath at what I feel
Your rain upon me chills until I shiver
In a flash, reminded that I am real.


So here I am and I remain
Etched upon this heart I find
Battling feelings I can’t explain
Burying past with roots that bind.

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