Six Words

Six Words


Breaking down who we are into bits and pieces sounds much easier than it is. Author Chris Kuhn takes on the challenge. Are you up for it?


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SIX WORDS by chris kuhn


Flat feet.

Take small, cautious steps.

Not easy for a giant-leap thinker.


But some things can’t be rushed.

So for those things, I must be patient.

And remind myself that any misstep

Will only push me further back.



Big mouth.

It often gets in my way.

And that’s despite biting my tongue – a lot.


But sometimes I say too much

Or push to speak my truth

And either one can draw fire

From those who doubt intention.



Full heart.

It is how I operate

And I will do nothing half-ass.


But its ferocity can pummel

Its intensity, scare some away

And what starts as mere gesture

Becomes labeled a statement.



Flat feet, big mouth, full heart.

Describe yourself in six words?


Yeah, I guess that covers it.



  1. Jo-Ann

    Chris, I love the poetry, so refreshingly honest, open and true! You make me think – it’s a good thing!

    • chriskuhn

      Thanks so much, Jo-Ann. One of the nicest compliments you could pay me is that I make you think. *curtsy* Really appreciate you telling me that. xo ~ chris

  2. Cameron Lincoln

    A beautiful and heartfelt piece. I admire your candour, but we wouldn’t have you any other way 😉

    • chriskuhn

      Thanks, Cameron. For the kind words about my writing and for your acceptance of me, warts and all. 😉 ~chris

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