Song-of-the-Day Selections ~ December 2016

Song-of-the-Day Selections ~ December 2016

December marks not only the end of the year but the end of a daily feature of mine — for now. I’ve been doing the #SongOfTheDay feature for over 3 years now but it’s time for a break.  I’ve gotten wonderful feedback but I think it’s time for me to return to simply feeling the music as it arrives in my orbit whether it is from inspiration or situation, and when I do and I feel too exuberant to keep it to myself, you’ll be the first to see a post to a link. But the everyday required posting will be on hiatus for 2017. This is partly the reason I wanted to celebrate the whole year in music with one big blowout replay of all of the songs I featured this year over the New Year’s Eve weekend. At the time of this posting, that replay is still in motion and we haven’t even reached the halfway point yet. I hope you’ve been enjoying a look back and a listen at your leisure to personal favorites. But there is still one more #SOTD blog recap to do, and here we go…

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DECEMBER 2016 — December #SongOfTheDay offered the usual eclectic bunch of performers but it also offered a whole lot of themes. There were themes of Mail Delivery, Scandal, Life and Beating the Odds. And it wouldn’t be a month in 2016 if there weren’t a big musical loss that shocked (not to mention plenty of other entertainment losses including Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds one day later). For this month, we 80s kids bid farewell to George Michael (pictured above) and it felt like another jackhammer busting up our pop cultural foundation.

I continued my #ForgottenTunes feature on #ThrowbackThursday with some extra special songs from favorite artists of mine including Sheryl Crow and Queen, and from some I had not heard in years, like Adam and the Ants, Eddie Rabbitt and Scandal.  As always, I hope you enjoyed looking back and savoring songs that we just don’t hear as much anymore as we used to on the radio.

Let us enjoy a final sway on the dance floor together with December songs as we wish a trying year a much appreciated farewell.  ~ CK


#ForgottenTunes  (gold italics)

12/31/2016 Beginnings Chicago
12/30/2016 It Ain’t   Over Til It’s Over Lenny Kravitz
12/29/2016 The   Warrior Scandal
12/28/2016 Long Way   Back Home Gordon Lightfoot
12/27/2016 I Can See   Clearly Now Johnny Nash
12/26/2016 Faith George Michael
12/25/2016 Celebrate   Me Home Kenny Loggins
12/24/2016 The Good   Life Tony Bennett
12/23/2016 Once in a   Lifetime Talking Heads
12/22/2016 Drivin’   My Life Away Eddie Rabbitt
12/21/2016 How to   Save a Life The Fray
12/20/2016 Life and How to Live It REM
12/19/2016 I Will Buy   You a New Life Everclear
12/18/2016 Family   Affair Sly and the Family Stone
12/17/2016 Haunted Taylor Swift
12/16/2016 Dirty   Laundry Don Henley
12/15/2016 Scandal Queen
12/14/2016 Trouble Lindsey Buckingham
12/13/2016 Secrets Mary Lambert
12/12/2016 Rumor Has   It Adele
12/11/2016 What Is Life George Harrison
12/10/2016 Circle of   Life Elton John
12/09/2016 Presents   to Send You Jimmy Buffett
12/08/2016 Stand   and Deliver Adam and the Ants
12/07/2016 Send Her   My Love Journey
12/06/2016 Handle Me   with Care Traveling Wilburys
12/05/2016 Fragile Sting
12/04/2016 You Really   Got Me The Kinks
12/03/2016 Babylon David Gray
12/02/2016 Road to   Nowhere Talking Heads
12/01/2016 Love   Is a Good Thing Sheryl Crow


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