Song-of-the-Day Selections ~ October 2016

Song-of-the-Day Selections ~ October 2016

October, it felt like you were only here for a few moments and then like that (snaps fingers) you were gone. Sigh. Along with the light breezes and falling leaves, some great artists dropped in this month and I cannot wait to relive the month with you. We celebrated a new season and spoooooky holidays. But most of all, we celebrated diversity and history. Songs from six decades filled up the October dance card. Lets take another spin on the dance floor, shall we?

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OCTOBER 2016 — October is after all a month about change so it was important to me to represent as many different artists as possible for #SongOfTheDay. September transitioned us formally into the new season but October soaks us in autumnal color and splendor. This month’s artists ran the gamut of genres from R&B and classic rock to  80s new wave and today’s alternative.  And everything in between.  We had some theme weeks like Haunted Spooky and Creepy Halloween Week when artists like the Who, Warren Zevon, Janet Jackson, Kings of Leon and more stopped by. And I spent a few days following the announcement of the latest Rock Hall of Fame candidates for 2017 to honor a particular few I was especially excited about including ELO, Journey, and Depeche Mode, to name a few. When there weren’t special occasions to celebrate in song, I aimed to fill each day with a different artist – some I had featured before on #SOTD and some I hadn’t. I hope you enjoyed hearing from artists like Queen, KT Tunstall, Simple Minds, Thompson Twins and Gotye (whose scruffy but handsome mug is seen gracing this blog’s header).

This month’s #ForgottenTunes were also an eclectic bunch. We heard the likes of the Cars, When in Rome, Donovan and Raydio featuring your favorite Ghostbusters crooner himself Ray Parker Jr. in his early days on the airwaves.

So join me in returning back to the delightful sights and sounds of October.  This is a month worth singing about, and sing we shall. La la la la la la la…  xo ~ CK


#ForgottenTunes  (gold italics)

10/31/2016 Dead Man’s   Party Oingo Bongo
10/30/2016 Black Cat Janet Jackson
10/29/2016 Boris the   Spider The Who
10/28/2016 Closer Kings of Leon
10/27/2016 Season   of the Witch  Donovan
10/26/2016 Little Red   Riding Hood Sam Sham and the Pharoahs
10/25/2016 Bad Moon   Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival
10/24/2016 Werewolves   of London Warren Zevon
10/23/2016 One Summer   Dream ELO
10/22/2016 Separate   Ways (Worlds Apart) Journey
10/21/2016 Free Haley Reinhart
10/20/2016 Candy-O The Cars
10/19/2016 Everything   Counts Depeche Mode
10/18/2016 I Can’t   Wait Stevie Nicks
10/17/2016 Eyes Wide Open Gotye
10/16/2016 Sunday   Morning Maroon 5
10/15/2016 The   Killing Moon Echo and the Bunnymen
10/14/2016 Waterfront Simple Minds
10/13/2016 Jack   and Jill Raydio
10/12/2016 The 59th   Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) Simon & Garfunkel
10/11/2016 Be Okay Ingrid Michaelson
10/10/2016 Eminence   Front The Who
10/09/2016 For   Reasons Unknown The Killers
10/08/2016 Back in   Black AC/DC
10/07/2016 Rebel Yell Billy Idol
10/06/2016 The   Promise When in Rome
10/05/2016 Don’t Stop   Me Now Queen
10/04/2016 Somewhere   Only We Know Keane
10/03/2016 Suddenly I   See KT Tunstall
10/02/2016 Twilight   Zone Golden Earring
10/01/2016 Lay Your   Hands on Me Thompson Twins



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