Special Oscar #dailypics Series

Special Oscar #dailypics Series

Yesterday, I teased to this news in my #dailypics photo on Instagram, but today is the official launch of a special photo series for the week ahead. Welcome to #dailyoscarbestpics! For the next seven days, you will get a glimpse at Oscar history with my interpretation/reenactment of Best Picture winners of the past. It may arrive in the form of a scene from the film, a symbolic or metaphorical representation of the title or maybe even an attempt to recreate the movie poster…whatever I can muster with my limited resources and talents! Heh.


So stay tuned for a wild ride through the wonderful world of movies and previous Best Picture Oscar winners like this one from Saturday’s tease photo, 1948’s Best Picture winner HAMLET starring Sir Lawrence Olivier. (This downloaded skull image wrapped around a California navel was the closest I could get to Yorick’s long-gone noggin.’)




I hope you will enjoy this special photo series because we’re just #7daystilOscar and today’s #dailyoscarbestpics entry is only moments away from posting. Oooooh… As always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.




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