Stick a Pin in Winter Haven…Where To Next?

Stick a Pin in Winter Haven…Where To Next?

It’s been a very busy eight months since the release of my book THE MUSE UNLOCKED. So far, all of the in-person promotion has been within the state of Florida but I am hoping to extend that elsewhere during the next year and bring the book on tour somewhere to an independent bookseller near you. Last year saw live book events in Sarasota, Tampa, Oldsmar and St. Pete. And of course, one of my favorite parts of all was watching the book blogger tour go international with visits on book blogs in Canada, Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.

This year, I’ve traveled back to Sarasota as well as Tallahassee and Winter Haven, and visited three book blogs here in the U.S. and U.K. Where will I and my trusty co-horts Cate and Oliver travel to next? Hmm… good question!

As we prepare for summer, I am beginning to chat with additional book bloggers who have expressed an interest in reviewing and highlighting the book, and I will certainly keep you in the loop about that. A little birdy told me there may even be the possibility of a webcast. More on that as additional details become available.

And as for traveling to a town near you, I have a favor to ask. If you and some of your friends do have an interest in me popping into your town, there is one very helpful way to create interest… tell your local independent bookseller. Let them know that you think they should carry the book. Give them my web address and suggest that an appearance would be of interest to readers like you, your friends and others in the community. I appreciate your help in the effort!

Next week, I’ll have an update on book 2, THE MUSE UNGUARDED. So stay tuned for that!

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