Take a Moment

Take a Moment

This weekend, I was watching an episode of BLACK MIRROR, a TV show I recently blogged about (or gushed about, is more like it), and it inspired me to do something that I hadn’t really done in a while: look at my husband and partner in life for the past 20+ years, really look at him, for the first time in a very long time.  Always racing around like a loon, I finally stopped longer than a millisecond to study photos on his Facebook page and on my own and found myself smiling and reliving some fun memories. I might have visited a few family members’ pages and done the same. I can’t quite explain what happened to me. After a weekend of learning about a handful of different classmates that had recently passed, I may have felt wistful or just mortal in that frame of mind.


We get so caught up in the daily ‘have-to-do’ appointments and commitments that we can forget to stop and sincerely look at the person we see every day across the coffee table.  The episode I watched gave me a chilling reminder of that. I am not the greatest at remembering every detail but I try to absorb all I can during an interaction with someone, particularly someone special to me.


Take a moment today and notice. Smile when a new little crinkle near the eye or laugh line of your love catches your eye, and when they ask you why you’re smiling, tell them ‘because of you.’ Notice that change in how your son or daughter brushed their hair today, and when you point it out to them and their eyes roll, tease them fiercely but kindly so they know you love them but your job is and will always be to embarrass the crap out of them.


Observe. Let it digest. And savor it. All of it.



You know that expression ‘there’s no time like the present?’ Well, think about it. There truly is NO TIME like now. So be in it. Be here now. (Cue the Oasis album…)


Thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.  x

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