Taking Follow Friday to the Nth Degree

Taking Follow Friday to the Nth Degree

So I wrote this blog last Friday about the sense of community that I’ve happily taken away, courtesy of the many generous writers, readers and bloggers on Twitter. Here’s that link if you missed it (and yes, I really am that obsessed with Sesame Street).

Admittedly, as I’ve been known to do, I got a little sappy. This isn’t an unusual state of mind for me. After all, I do love my romantic comedies and as both a reader and soon a published author, I devour the contemporary romance genre with much feverishness.

For this reason, I take anyone’s accusation of me as a hopeless romantic as a complete compliment. It’s like the term nerd or geek. I embrace it with warm fuzzies.

As a result of my blog, I received feedback, really warm feedback, and a lot of it. It was such a pleasant surprise. I anticipated the dozen or more people that I specifically referenced might exchange some niceties with me.  I never dreamt how many others not included in the piece would reach out to tell me they appreciated the blog’s sentiment and overall message.

So there you go. Mind blown away yet again.

One of the people who reached out to me even asked if she could do a guest blog at my site. And once more, mi cabeza go boom. Okay, I made that up. Even three years of Spanish many many years ago doesn’t prepare me for that one, but you get the point.

Her inquiry led me to contemplate further something I had considered before… what if I were to relinquish control of my blog on occasion to let another voice in the community speak his or her mind on a topic of interest to the people who follow me? It would likely need to be about books, writing, social media, pop culture, etc. And I absolutely would not let it become a disguised advertisement. Hell, no. Dealbreaker for me, and I’d imagine for anyone else taking the time to read it.  Nope, there would have to be something real to be gained for the blog follower. So…

I thought about this.

And then, I came to a decision.

Why not Fridays? After all, what better day than #FollowFriday and what better way to say, ‘hey, tweeps, you might want to lend an ear to this person because they have something meaningful to say’ than to hand over the reins on Friday mornings and let another voice be heard?

So… I’m doing this.

Starting tomorrow. I’m launching Chris’s Corner and over the next several weeks, you’ll hear from a variety of voices on a number of topics that I believe any reader, writer, literary fan or blogger would find intriguing.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this new addition to my KuhnStories blog and will welcome your comments and suggestions once we kick this off tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Happy reading!



  1. This is such a wonderful, big-hearted and generous idea. I love finding new writers with interesting things to say. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    • Chris Kuhn

      Absolutely! I expect to have my mind and eyes opened by the different topics and voices as much as my friends (aka followers). And I believe in taking care of my friends. *cracks knuckles* So you let me know if anybody gives ya a hard time, and I’ll take care of ’em for ya, ‘k? *winks* LOL Seriously, thanks for the comment! ~ck

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