Ten Flicks That Made a Big Impact on Me ~ AMERICAN GRAFFITI

Ten Flicks That Made a Big Impact on Me ~ AMERICAN GRAFFITI

Recently, I was tagged in the latest and greatest Facebook group tag-you’re-it activity. This challenge demands of its participants the following:


Each day for the next 10 days, post an image from a film that made an impact on you.  But no other commentary. Just the photo. 


Since not explaining is something I’m incapable of doing, I’m posting only a photo on my personal Facebook page with no title, no explanation, nothing else. But for those who want to know more, the reasons or history behind my choosing that film, I invite them here. To my blog, for a link to my latest audio recording. But I respect your time, so all audios will be 5 minutes or shorter. Pinky swear.


I kicked off things yesterday with Day 1,¬†AMADEUS. With that said, it is Day 2 and the film is… AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1973). Thanks for reading (and listening). x ~ Chris K.




Click here to learn why AMERICAN GRAFFITI is a flick that made a big impact on me!

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