Ten Flicks that Made a Big Impact on Me ~ PULP FICTION

Ten Flicks that Made a Big Impact on Me ~ PULP FICTION

Hard to believe it’s already Day 8 of the 10-day movie challenge I’ve been tackling since being tagged by a friend on Facebook.  I am asked to do the following:


Each day for the next 10 days, post an image from a film that made an impact on me.  No explanation. Just the photo.


If you know me, you also know I’m pretty headstrong and nobody shuts me up (nor do they put me in a corner or get in to see the Wizard…NOBODY!) If you really do want to know why I picked this film to be part of my Ten Flicks, you can hear the story behind it which has a little personal significance to me, too. So find out why the film PULP FICTION (1995) had to be part of this list by clicking on the link at the end of this blog!




I chose this film still to try to fool my Facebook friends because the little boy is in just one scene and not for very long. The person he’s looking at offers a far more memorable and often satirized performance, Christopher Walken. But some of my friends are just too well-versed in movies (that’s probably one of the reasons we’re friends!) so I doubt I’ll stump them at all.


Images like these, however, define the film more…







I do love other films by Tarantino, especially RESERVOIR DOGS, JACKIE BROWN, the KILL BILL series and DJANGO UNCHAINED, but none of them compare to this one. There is a special sauce here, maybe from Big Kahuna Burger.

As always, thanks for reading (and listening). x ~ Chris K.


Click here to learn why PULP FICTION is a flick that made a big impact on me!



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