The Amazing World of Adjectives

I’ve just finished watching this season of The Bachelorette (yes, I’m one of those) and have been reminded how limited a vocabulary many reality TV participants possess. But did I mention what a great drinking game the show offers? Go on, try it for yourself next season. Invite the friends over and each time one of the contestants says how “amazing” something or someone is, take a swig of your favorite beverage (mine’s usually a white wine or a blush). I’m certain by the end of the night you will find the show completely scintillating for the first time ever and more than likely fall over with a simple poke.

I have been perched on the anti-amazing soapbox for some time now. I’ve heard The View co-host rant about the overuse and abuse of the term, too. Every single thing in life cannot be AMAZING. After all, if all of it is “amazing,”  it begins to lose that unique, unexpected wonderful charm, doesn’t it?

I do enjoy watching Amazing Race and given the places they go and the things they are asked to do (bungee-jump from tall buildings, crawl through dark caves, eat things that no human being should ever be asked to ingest, etc.), I’ll give the show’s producers and of course, amazing host Phil Keoghan (code name: Dimples) leeway to use the term to describe this long, treacherous trek across an airy, harried and downright scary world.

I know I’m not alone in my exhaustion with the excessive “amazement,” but I would like to offer a solution to my much much MUCH younger peers who have set out for a long-term career in reality TV (good luck with that) in their quest to muster a cool 16 minutes out of their 15 minutes of fame.

Are you ready for it?

Still there?

Okay, here it is…

Ever heard of one of these, oh young celebreality kiddos? See, this is how it works: ask yourself ‘how would I, Ali-Ruthie-Snookie-Pookie-Altogether Ookie-Peek-a-Bookie… how would I describe this moment/bachelor/job/beer/etc.?

When said reality personality answers ‘Amazing’ (which they undoubtedly will), he or she can look up the word and use one of these lovely adjectives instead:











(Feel free to add your own suggestions…)

I’ve even included the link should any of these folks be reading this entry right now (

Why that list should cover these F-List stars for at least one or two episodes! And for that I am extremely grateful, thankful, appreciative, beholden, obliged, indebted, gratif—

Okay, I’m done ranting now. G’night, folks.



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