The Meandering Path of Inspiration

The Meandering Path of Inspiration

Since I can remember, I have been a sucker for expectations… whether setting up others or dwelling on my own, though not always realistic ones.  I’ve been a freelance writer for some time now but only recently became a published author of books. And though I’ve been an avid reader for a while (admittedly, not so much lately), I may have underestimated the expectations established when you write a book. Especially when there is a follow-up to it, and you haven’t yet delivered it.

So first, I must say…  I’m sorry.

To my readers who ask me regularly ‘when is book 2 getting here?’  To the people who became engaged in my characters and want to know the rest of the story (and yes, there absolutely is one!) Heck, to the people at my husband’s work who ask him when his wife is going to publish that sequel. I have no excuses because “life” doesn’t qualify as one. Because of many factors, reasons and maybe even a few mysteries of science, there is no book two as of yet.  But I promise you, there will be one.

I do want to share something else though. I know artists will understand this, whether they also write or paint or write music… whatever the medium!  Inspiration has a huge impact on the next steps we take. I can tell you that my inspiration has taken me along another literary path.

While I cannot share too many details right now, I can tell you that before THE MUSE UNGUARDED is released, my follow-up to THE MUSE UNLOCKED, you will see another special delivery from me in the form of a special anthology. It will be a very personal work, and I’m excited about sharing it. So look for that later this year… fingers crossed in late Spring!

It doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten Cate, Oliver and gang, and all of their new friends — my wonderful readers! — who have been so kind to share with me how much they related to my little cast of THE MUSE UNLOCKED.  Quite the contrary. It’s more important to me than ever to do a good job telling the next chapter of this series. Because of those pesky little expectations I established — for you. And of me. I do not want to disappoint. And when an artist’s heart feels the need to release something else from their pen — or paintbrush or strumming or key-tickling fingers into their next work… they must follow their heart and appease it. So…  I promise you that this little side trip to capture inspiration’s latest flight and translate it into another different work is by no means a diversion but simply another trek on the journey. And I will be hopping back on THE MUSE UNGUARDED highway to continue that particular thread of storytelling very very soon!

In the meantime, I hope you’ll be excited about where my words will be taking me next and I’ll be sharing more about this latest adventure with you just as soon as I can. Stay tuned!  And thanks always for your time reading my work and all of the wonderful support and encouragement.

Writing is one of my greatest joys in life, only matched by the beauty of getting to share those words with you. Make it a beautiful day.  ~ck




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