The Poetry of Music

The Poetry of Music

When a music show sends you on a pleasant flashback to 30 years ago and compels you to record an audio on your way to work, you share it. Or at least I do, The other morning, I was going about my usual daily routine – my 50-minute commute to work – and singing along to Underground Garage on SiriusXM with delightful host Michael DesBarres. He made a comment about Neil Diamond’s talent as a songwriter to craft a simple tune that can connect with so many. Before I knew it, I was waxing nostalgic and back in AP English in my senior year of high school.


I’ll let my audio do the rest of the talking but it was a reminder of the power a good teacher can have on a student to change the way they look at things – or in this case, hear them. This seemed appropriate to post on this, the first day of school for some students in the Tampa Bay area (the rest head back early next week).


Click here to listen to my latest audio “The Poetry of Music”  at my YouTube channel, CKuhnTampaBay.


Please share here in the comments about a time in your life that one person’s shared words or ‘lesson’ truly shaped the way you look at something. I’d love to hear from you! And as always, thanks for listening!  x ~ Chris K.


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