Thursday Thoughts:  A Foggy Headed Day

Thursday Thoughts: A Foggy Headed Day

Nothing ever looks as clear, sounds as good or tastes as flavorful when we wake up with a foggy head. I have been fighting bizarre sleeping patterns, major stress triggers and the nearby orbit of a sick family member over this very hectic past month,  so it was not that big a surprise that a head cold has crept in to invade my  foggier than usual #ThursdayThoughts. And so here I am trying to write a blog with little success.



I had a few ideas for things I could write about — the recent Emmy noms, an early preview to my recent moviegoing experience seeing the fourth installment in the TOY STORY franchise and weighing in on my history with cinematic sequels, etc. But the fact of the matter is this…  my head is tired, my imagination has turned out the lights for the day already, and my nose and throat are having a race to see who can become the sorest first.




I think I will give myself a break and wish all of you a good rest of the day, take my next dose of cold medicine, and call it a night. Thanks for stopping by. Please take in a little sunshine left in your day for me. I’m going to cuddle up with the covers shortly. And thanks  for reading what little I had to say today on this foggy headed day. I always do appreciate your support. Toodles. Zzzzz. ~ Chris K.









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